About Me


Hey folks! I am the mystic egg! (Yea funky name I know) I am a broke 20-year-old college student in Ireland who has a thing for art! All kinds of art! I’m not really really good at it, but I always do my best, so if you lot has any tips that can help me improve my art, please feel free to share it with me so that I can deliver better works! so, COME AT ME CRITICISM! COME AT ME!

I am excited and nervous atm as this is my first time running a blog, not just any blog, MY blog! And I’m just going to be honest with you guys, I’m not really good at this, I can be very awkward sometimes but I will try my best! I’m not someone that gives up so easily! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

They say to start off something, you must first introduce yourself right? So below is some info about me

My hobbies include :

-crying over fictional characters

-watching anime/reading manga

-baking (sometimes)


-shipping fictional characters that will never be together

-trying out Pinterest ideas and failing miserably at it

-eat, nap, sleep, repeat


-video games

And a lot more other random stuff that I cannot think of right now. And yes, I have a crazy amount of hobbies, yes yes I know, I’m awesome :3

And below is some additional information to get to know me better.

Likes:                                                                          Dislikes:

  1. You                                                                            1. Onions ( they’re evil)
  2. My dog                                                                     2. racism
  3. Me                                                                             3. flying cockroaches
  4. Anime/ manga                                                        4. exams
  5. being lazy                                                                5. peanuts
  6. all animals in general                                           6. thinking of ideas
  7. chocolate                                                                  7. being cold
  8. cutesy stuff                                                              8. violence
  9. instrumental music                                               9. fictional character deaths
  10. flowers                                                                     10. A dirty kitchen


That is all I can tell you, somethings must remain secret after all :3.

If you ever need to rant about something, you can always talk to me, I am almost always free and I’m quite a good listener if I do say so myself. ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

So if you guys have any inquiries, just email me at Themysticegg@hotmail.com. Thanks for reading! Until next time!!!!